Errors when making batch payments

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You just finished selecting all your bills for a batch payment and hit the schedule payment button but got an error message.

Let’s find out what can cause this and how to fix it.

Domestic payments

There are two reasons for an error message: 

1. Missing delivery method

This may be the first time you’re paying this vendor and haven’t finished setting up their preferred delivery method.


Here's how to solve this: 

1. In the Schedule X payments page, under the Delivery method column, click Add method.

domestic error- add method.png

2. Select a delivery method for this vendor.

select a delivery method.png

3. Fill in the details depending on the selected delivery method.

  • For ACH bank transfer - vendor’s account number and routing number.
  • For paper check - vendor’s address.


2. Missing industry when paying using AMEX

There are certain industries where an American Express credit card payment is not accepted. 

Here’s how to solve this:

  1. In the Schedule bill payments screen, hover over the warning sign. 2022-10-04_12-41-35.png
  2. You’ll see the following note: Verify your vendor's industry is approved by AMEX.  
  3. Click Verify.Verify_AMEX_card.png


4. Select the vendor’s industry category from the dropdown list. 

Note: Vendor's industry is not approved by American Express.

If the vendor’s industry isn’t in the approved industry list, click the black arrow next to the error sign and select another payment method.

American Express- verify industry.png

5. Click Save. 


International payments

When this warning sign 2022-10-04_12-41-35.png appears next to the Delivery method, it means you haven’t entered the purpose of the payment.

Here is how to solve this:

1. In the Schedule X payments page, hover over the warning sign. You’ll see the following note: Some of the required details are missing for this international payment.

2. Click Add details.

International payment- add details.png

3. Fill in the purpose of this payment and click Save.

Add missing details.png



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