What can I do if I don’t have my vendor’s payment delivery details?

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Don’t have your vendor’s payment delivery details or not sure how they want to receive payments? Melio makes it easy for you to ask your vendor for their payment details, so they can get paid exactly how they want. 

There are two ways to ask your vendor for their payment details. 

  1. When scheduling a payment 
  2. From your Contacts

Ask vendor for their payment details when scheduling a payment: 

1. Start scheduling a payment

2. When asked how your vendor would like to receive payment, select Ask vendor for payment details



3. Add your vendor’s business email, then click Save and continue.



4. Then choose when you want the payment to be deducted.

You’ll see a note under the payment deduction date letting you know by which day your vendor needs to provide the payment details in order to get paid on time.

5. Click Continue to finish scheduling the payment.



That’s it! Your vendor will get an email asking them how they’d like to accept the payment. Learn more about what your vendor sees.

Important notes to consider.


Ask vendor for their payment details from your contacts:

1. Go to Contacts in the left sidebar.



2. Select the vendor whose payment details you’d like to request.

3. On the right, scroll down to Delivery methods.



4. Next to Ask vendor for payment details, click Send request.

5. If we don’t have your vendor’s email you’ll see this pop-up message. Enter their email and click Save & send request.



That’s it! Your vendor will get an email with instructions on how to securely receive the payment. The message will include your details so they easily recognize who it’s from.

Learn more about what your vendor sees


IMPORTANT NOTES: How will this affect delivery time?

  • Payment delivery time depends on when your vendor fills out their details. Once they do, you’ll receive an email notification with an estimated time of delivery, based on typical delivery timelines. 
  • When submitting a payment to a vendor for the first time, we may need a bit extra time to review the payment. Schedule these in advance to avoid any delays.

Does the payment details request link ever expire?

The link remains valid for 7 business days. If your vendor does not send their details, the payment will be canceled and your bill will be moved back into your inbox. You’ll receive an email notification.


That’s it! As always, if you have any questions, reach out to our support team via email here.



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