Adding bills and invoices paid outside of Melio

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Yes, you can easily add bills and invoices that were paid outside of Melio and manually mark them as paid. 


This way, you can keep all your bills and invoices in one place for safe and organized record keeping. Here’s how.


Just add the bill as you would any other:

1. Sign in to Melio.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

3. Click the + New Payment.



4. Add the bill like you usually do.

5. Find the bill in your Pay inbox.

6. Click Actions in the payment details section on the right side of the page.



7. Select Mark as paid from the dropdown list.



8. Enter the amount that was paid (full or partial). The default is the full amount of the bill.

9. Click Save to mark the bill as paid.



That's it, now it's marked as paid and will appear in the Paid tab for easy reference.


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