How to add a vendor

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Adding vendors to your account manually helps your payments get to the right place on time.

There are 2 places you can add a vendor. 

  1. When creating a bill.
  2. In Vendors.

How to add a vendor when creating a bill

1. Sign in to your Melio account. 

2. Go to the Bills tab, click Create a bill.

Bills tab- create a bill.png


3. Fill in the Vendor business name and Bill amount.

Note: Adding the bill's details.

Adding the bill’s details isn’t mandatory. But if you have the invoice number and due date it can be useful for reconciliation purposes. You can also add a note to self and line items to break down the invoice total into various items. To add further details click +Advance bill details and follow directions here.

Pay without a bill .jpg

5. To schedule a payment, click Continue to pay. Follow these steps to pay with Melio. You can also schedule it later by clicking Save and close


That's it! The vendor is now saved to your vendors’ list.


How to add a vendor in Vendors

1. In the Vendors tab, click Add vendor.

add vendor.jpg


2. Enter vendor’s details. Click Add a vendor.



3. Select the vendor’s delivery method or add it later



That’s it, your vendor is now saved in Vendors.

Note: Connected to accounting software?

You can connect to your QuickBooks Online account or Xero account and import the vendor information from any open bill item attached to that vendor.

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