How do I add a vendor?

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Adding a new vendor to your Melio account

When you pay a vendor, they'll automatically be saved to your account. If you have a QuickBooks Online account, you can connect it with Melio to sync your vendors' directory. Adding vendor to your account manually is also simple and easy.

How to add a vendor to Melio

  1. From your account's dashboard, click on the + button on the top left corner


2. From the pull down menu, select 'Vendor'


3. Add a vendor's details: the business's name and the name of the person you speak to there
4. Add the email address and phone number you use to reach them (not required)
5. Review and confirm 


That's it!


A few quick notes about adding vendors

  • You can always add and save a vendor as part of the bill-paying process when prompted to enter who you'd like to pay

  • You can connect your QuickBooks Online account and import the vendor information from any Open Bill item attached to that vendor

That's it! The vendor's been added to your Melio account and you can add bills and transfer payments to them. 


And as always, if you have any questions we're available at


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