How do I add a vendor?

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This article will cover how to add vendors manually, which helps your payments get to the right place on time. 

There are 2 ways to add a vendor. 

  1. When creating a bill payment in the Pay tab. 
  2. In your contacts. 

How to add a vendor when creating a bill payment

1. Sign in to your Melio account. 

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar. 

3. Then click on + Add your first bill payment.


NOTE: If you’ve previously added a bill to Melio

If you’ve previously created a bill, click on +, then +New payment.


4. Select Add a bill manually



5. Fill in the bill details. 



6. To schedule a payment, click Save and schedule a payment.

7. You can also do this later by clicking Save and pay later. 

8. The vendor is now saved to your contacts.


How to add a vendor in your Contacts

1. Click on Contacts in the left sidebar. 

2. If your contacts list is empty, click Add vendors.



NOTE: If you already have contacts saved

Click on + , then + New contact at the top right. 



3. Click Add a vendor.

4. Select Add a vendor manually

5. Fill in the vendor’s details, then click Add a vendor



6. Select the vendor’s delivery method or add it later



A few notes about adding vendors

Watch the video to see it in action:


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