How to add a credit card

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Adding a card as a payment method in Melio

Adding a credit card to your Melio account is simple and takes just a minute.

There are two ways to add a credit card:

  1. When making your first payment.

  2. In the account settings.

After adding the card, the procedure to connect your credit card to Melio is the same.



Add credit card when making a payment

  1. Select/add a bill to pay.

  2. Click Credit Card when asked to select your payment method.


Add credit card in settings

  1. In your Melio account, go to Settings.

  2. Select Payment Methods.


3. In the Credit card section, click Add this method.


Connect your credit card

3. Fill in your card information.


4. Click Link My Card.

5. Fill in the details of the cardholder. Click Complete and Save.



  • Make sure that the information you're entering is the same as it appears in your credit card issuer records.

  • Input your zip code (no hyphens).


Your card is now connected and can be used in current and future payments.


If you were unable to successfully add your card, check this article: Can't add my card.



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