Will receiving payments via Melio be added inside of QuickBooks Online?

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Your incoming payments in Melio can be synced to QuickBooks Online. To do it, you’ll need to create the invoice in QuickBooks Online and then sync it to Melio.


When you connect your Melio and QuickBooks Online accounts here’s what happens:

  1. Invoices and contacts are synced automatically from QuickBooks Online to Melio. This is a one-way sync. (Two-way syncs only happen when you are the payor, not the payee). 
  2. You can then send payment requests to your customers for these invoices. 
  3. After the payment requests are fully paid, they sync back from Melio to QuickBooks Online where they’re marked as paid.  


There are a few cases where a sync isn’t possible. This is for:

  • Invoices that were uploaded/added manually.
  • Invoices that were paid in any other way than a payment request.
  • Invoices that were paid by a different method than through Melio. Make sure to mark such invoices in QuickBooks Online to reconcile them in Melio as well.


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