Are there any limitations when making a payment to an international vendor?

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With Melio, there is no limit on the amount you can send to a global vendor using Melio’s international payment method. All international payments, no matter the amount, carry a $20 flat fee.

To avoid any setbacks, it's important to understand if your bank has any limits that restrict certain amounts of money leaving your account.


Currently, all transactions can be carried out in USD. You cannot convert or make payments in your vendors’ local currencies. However, we are working on enabling international payments in more currencies in the near future.


You can make international payments to the following countries:

  • Canada

  • Europe

  • United Kingdom

Read this article to learn more about what countries are open for international payments.

Payment method

You can make an international payment only with your bank account set as your payment method. When selecting a different method, credit card or debit card, the option to make an international payment will be disabled.


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