Does Melio charge any fees?

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Melio doesn’t charge you any subscription fees.

Standard payments made via ACH bank transfer are free. Credit card and debit card payments carry a 2.9% processing fee - you’ll get a separate bill for this.

International payments in USD are charged a fixed fee of $20 per transaction.


A breakdown of our fees

Payment method

Delivery method


ACH bank transfer

ACH bank transfer


ACH bank transfer


$1.50 per check

Credit or debit card 

Check/ ACH bank transfer 

2.9% fee (but checks are free)

ACH bank transfer

FAST check

$20 fixed fee

Credit or debit card 

FAST check 

2.9% fee + $20 fixed fee

ACH bank transfer

FAST ACH bank transfer

1% fee capped to $30 

Debit card* 

FAST ACH bank transfer 

2.9% fee + 1% fee capped to $30

ACH bank transfer, credit or debit card

Debit card

1% fee

*FAST ACH bank transfer is not available when paying by credit card.

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