Does Melio charge any fees?

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Melio doesn’t charge you any subscription fees. 

Here are a few important notes to consider when scheduling your payments: 

  • Standard payments made via ACH bank transfer are free. 
  • International payments in USD are charged a fixed fee of $20 per transaction. 
  • Credit card and debit card payments carry a 2.9% processing fee - you’ll get a separate bill for this.
  • FAST ACH is not available when paying by credit or debit card.

A breakdown of our fees

Payment method Delivery method Cost

ACH bank transfer






ACH bank transfer Free
Paper check $1.50 per check
FAST check $20 fixed fee
FAST ACH bank transfer 1% (max $30)
Instant payment 1% (max $50)
International payment $20 fixed fee
ACH bank transfer or card Debit card 1%




Check/ ACH bank transfer  2.9% fee (but checks are free)
Instant payment 2.9% fee + 1% (max $50)
FAST check  2.9% fee + $20 fixed fee
Mastercard credit card International payment

2.9% fee + $20 fixed fee


Where to find the fees for the payments?

You can see the fees for your scheduled payments in the payment details.

1. Go to the Payments tab.

2. Click View payment next to any payment, regardless of the sub-tab you’re at.

3. In the payment details page, scroll down to the Transaction fees section. Here you can a breakdown of all your fees for this payment. 

the Transaction fees section.png


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