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A quick guide to setting up your customized Melio payment link

Setting up your Melio payment page link is easy, and takes just a minute. Once set, you can start receiving funds in more ways at no cost to you.


Follow the steps below if you already have a Melio account but haven't set up a payment page link.


If you haven't created your Melio account yet, you can sign up here and follow the steps in the Start getting paid with Melio article.


Creating a Melio payment page

  1. Click Get Paid in the left-hand sidebar.


2. Click Start getting paid.


3. Choose a Melio URL for your company.


Quick tip: We suggest you use the name of your business. This way it'll be easier for your customers to recognize that the request came from you.


4. Upload a company logo (optional).


5. Fill in your business details.


6. Connect the bank account where you'd like to receive funds.

The fastest way to connect is via Plaid. To do it, follow the instructions here.

You also have the option to connect it manually and verify with micro-deposits. Learn how in this article.


7. Choose who will pay the 2.9% fee for a payment via credit card.

  • The default is that the customer pays this fee (which means getting paid with Melio is completely free for you).

  • You can also choose to pay the fee yourself instead of your customers.

NOTE: This is done the first time you set your payment link and is applied to all your payment requests. To change this, go to Receiving Methods in your account Settings.


That's it! Now you can share your Melio payment link with all your customers. They can pay you quickly and securely for free with bank transfers or even with a credit card* (and paying a 2.9% fee billed to them).


*Subject to card network limitations

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