How does Melio make money?

All about Melio's free payment methods and how we make our revenue.


Melio is a free service for small businesses. There are no set-up costs or subscription fees.


As a small business, paying your bills shouldn't carry costly fees. That's why Melio is free to use when you pay by bank transfer (ACH) or paper check. Receiving payments is also free, plus there's no need for the payee to register an account.


Want to keep your cash flow? Melio offers the option to pay your business bills via credit card* at a low, tax-deductible fee of 2.9%. This is how Melio generates its revenue.


Free bank transfers (ACH)

It's completely free to send and receive business-to-business payments using a bank transfer (ACH). Use Melio to pay all your bills with an ACH and you won’t be charged a penny. Melio delivers payment to your recipient for free via check or bank deposit.


Pay your business bills with a credit card

You can use Melio to pay any business bill with a credit card* for a 2.9% tax-deductible fee, even where cards are not accepted. Melio delivers payment to your recipient by check or bank deposit for free.


Paying with a credit card lets you defer payment until your next billing cycle, extend float, and even earn card rewards. These combined with the tax-deduction and free payment delivery usually off-set most, if not all, of the fee. Extending your float can help you take advantage of opportunities such as early payment discounts and give your business a financial boost - like a small business loan that's already in your wallet.


Receiving payments is free

Melio delivers payment to your recipient completely free, regardless if it's a bank transfer or a check without them needing to sign up for anything. This also includes requesting and receiving payments.


As always, if you have any questions, we're just a chat window or email away:


*Subject to card network limitations


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