How does Melio make money?

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Melio generates its revenue when our customers decide to optimize their cash flow with credit card payments, or when they use certain other payment types (for a small fee): debit card, check, fast ACH bank transfer, fast check, and international payments. 

Paying by regular ACH bank transfer is completely free


NOTE: Benefits of paying with a credit card.

Paying with a credit card* (at a fee of 2.9%) lets you defer payment until your next billing cycle, extend float, and earn card rewards. 

These benefits combined with free payment delivery usually offset most, if not all, of the fee.

Extending your float can help you take advantage of opportunities such as early payment discounts and give your business a financial boost - like a small business loan that's already in your wallet.


NOTE: Why do checks have a fee?

The $1.50 check fee covers printing, postage, and handling. There is also an additional layer of security to sending checks with Melio - your bank details are never on the check, helping protect you from fraud and check forgery.

You can read more in-depth about Melio’s transaction fees and the different types of payment and delivery methods.




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