How do I find the check number of a payment?

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A check number is only generated once the paper check has been printed and sent out.


Here’s how to find the check number:

1. Sign in to your Melio account. 

2. Go to Pay in the left sidebar. 

3. Click the Payments tab.

4. In the Paid sub-tab, select the desired payment. You can also find it in the All sub-tab with the label Paid.

payment tab- paid sub tab- Select the desired payment.png


5. Click View payment

6. Under VENDOR RECEIVED you’ll see the paper check number. 

VENDOR RECEIVED- paper check number.png


TIP: Synced with an accounting software?

  • Synced with QuickBooks Online- The paper check number will appear on the BILL PAYMENT.
  • Synced with Xero- The paper check number will appear under Reference Check #.


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