Which payment types are not supported by Melio?

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In accordance with processor, bank, and card regulations, Melio is unable to process the following payment types:


  • Payments that are personal in nature, regardless of origination from a business entity;

  • Unsupported transfers (not in direct exchange for a rendered good or service; for alimony or to escrow accounts; as a donation to an organization not classified as a registered charity);

  • Certain investment accounts or to fund unsupported investments, including but not limited to 401(k) accounts, 403(b) plans, 457 plans, 529 plans, and IRAs;

  • Unsupported debt types (such as credit card balances, uncollateralized loans, auto title loans);

  • Card network-specific restrictions; Melio no longer supports payments that transfer debt over any card network (any variety of loan device);

  • Payments from prepaid cards;

  • Any form of balance transfer (paying a credit card balance with a different credit card)

  • Cash Advance - This includes payments from a credit card to: an owner, the company from the owner, another entity that the cardholder(s) controls or has interests in. This also extends to household members and relations;

  • Payroll transactions (though freelance and contracted employees are supported).


Melio is also prohibited from processing payments related to any of the following industries.


For more information on restricted business activities, please refer to our Terms of Service.


If you feel your payment or business has been mistakenly rejected, you can reach out to us at compliance@melio.com


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