How to create a bill in Melio

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Melio makes it easy to create bills and schedule payments. 

You can also import bills into Melio from your device, accounting software, and Gmail account.

Here’s how to create a bill

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

3. Go to the Bills tab.

4. Click Create a bill.

Bills tab- create a bill.png


5. Enter the Vendor business name and Bill Amount. To continue adding the rest of the bill's details, click +Advanced bill details.

bills details- Advanced bill details.png


6. Enter the Due date. If you have the Invoice date and Invoice number you can add them too. You can make this bill a recurring payment.

7. You have the option to add Line Items. These can help you break down the invoice total into different items. Add a Description and Amount and +Add another line if needed.

Note: Line Items

Line items won’t be available for recurring payments.

Note: Synced with an accounting software?

  • QuickBooks Online- You’ll be able to see extra attributes such as QuickBooks category and class. See a full list here.
  • Xero- The line items will show you the fields that match with the ones in Xero.


It’s a good idea to leave yourself a note advising what this is for.

Bill details.png


8. Click Continue to pay to schedule the payment now, or click Save and close to keep the bill for future payment.


That's it.

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