How to add a collaborator from outside your firm to a client's account

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What’s a collaborator?

A collaborator is any user of the client’s account. They don’t have to be a member of your team. For example, if your client wants another person from their end to have access to their account, you can do this by adding them as a collaborator.

How to add a collaborator from outside of your firm: 

1. Sign in to your accounting firm's Melio account. 

2. Go to Clients in the left sidebar. 



3. Select the client you want to add a collaborator to. 



4. You'll then arrive in that client's main dashboard. 

5. Go to Settings in the left sidebar. 



6. Click Manage collaborators



7. On the right, you'll be able to see the team members and collaborators associated with the client’s account. 



8. To add a collaborator, click +Add.



9. A pop-up form will appear. Fill out the new collaborator’s details and choose the role you want the collaborator to have.

10. Then click Send invite.



11. The user will receive an invitation via email. To be added as a collaborator, they’ll need to accept the invitation. 



They will be directed to Melio where they’ll set a password and join the client’s team.

NOTE: Invitations expire after 7 days. 

If the user you invited doesn’t accept the invite, their status will show as pending and they will not have access to the client’s account. After 7 days, the invitation will expire and you’ll need to invite them again.



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