What data does Melio sync with QuickBooks Online?

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Syncing Melio with QuickBooks Online saves time by eliminating dual entry. Bills and vendor information will automatically appear in your Melio account. Sign up for Melio using your QuickBooks Online credentials to get started.

There’s no subscription fees when using Melio accounts payable solution to pay your bills, and you enjoy unlimited free ACH to ACH bank transfers. You can choose from a wide range of payment and delivery methods, including fast options.  

Once you send a payment through Melio, the status will be updated in your accounting software as well for seamless reconciliation.


This article will cover the fields and transactions that sync to and from QuickBooks Online (QBO).  Note that on the first sync, all unpaid bills in QuickBooks Online will be synced to Melio.

Vendors on any unpaid bills will be synced to Melio from QuickBooks Online. Each time you create a bill for a vendor in QuickBooks Online, the bill and the vendor will be synced in Melio.


Data will auto-sync in real time. To manually sync, click the sync icon at the top of the screen.



Melio Pay - Accounts payable (AP)


QBO field name Sync Melio Field Name
Vendor display name Vendor's company name
First name + Last name Contacts full name
Name to print on checks  →  Name on check
Email Email address
Phone Phone Number
Mobile  Does not sync  
Street Address 1 Does not sync Address line 1
Street Address 2 Does not sync Address line 2
City Does not sync City
State / Province  Does not sync State
Zip Code Does not sync  Zip Code
Make inactive  Delete



QBO field name Sync Melio Field Name
Vendor Vendor name
Mailing address Does not sync Check delivery address
Terms Does not sync  
Bill date Invoice date 
Due Date Due Date
Bill no. Bill no.
Category QuickBooks category
Description Description
Amount Amount
Billable Does not sync Billable
Customer / Project Does not sync Customer
Class Does not sync Class
Location  Does not sync Location
Product / Service Item
Qty Quantity
Rate Unit price
Memo Note to self 
Attachments Invoice image



QBO field name Sync Melio Field Name
Payee Vendor name
Bank / Credit account Payment method 
Mailing address Does not sync Check delivery address
Payment date Deduction date 
Ref No. Check # 
Amount Full payment 
Memo Memo to vendor
Attachments Does not sync Check image


Workflows: What actions occur where?

Bill creation workflows 

QBO Action Sync Melio Action
Create bill Create bill
Edit bill Edit bill
Delete bill Delete bill
Mark as paid Bill removed from Melio
Mark as paid Mark as paid


Bill payment workflows 

QBO Action Sync Melio Action
Schedule bill payment Schedule bill payment
Edit bill payment Does not sync Edit bill payment
Cancel bill payment Mark bill payment unpaid 
Delete bill payment Does not sync Remove bill payment
Void bill payment Does not sync  


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