Removing a team member from a firm’s account

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At times, team members may leave your accounting firm, and it's important to keep your account updated. Melio makes it easy for you to adjust your account by removing a team member from your firm or your clients' accounts.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Who can remove a team member from the firm’s account?

Only the owner and admins of the accounting firm can remove team members from the firm’s account.


Here’s how to remove a team member from the firm’s Melio account

1. Sign in to the firm’s Melio account.

2. Click Team on the left sidebar.

3. Find the team member you want to remove.

4. Click the three dots next to their name.



5. Select Remove member from the dropdown list.



6. In the pop-up message click Yes, remove member.

NOTE: What happens to the clients that the removed team member was assigned to?

Removing the team member doesn’t remove the clients. The clients remain under Clients and you can assign another team member to them.



7. In your Firm’s team list under Team, you can see that the team member was removed successfully.



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