What do vendors see when I pay a bill?

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The payments and notifications recipients receive


Melio doesn't just vastly improve your bill paying experience, we also make sure that vendors receive your payments with the same ease and clarity.

In this article, we'll review what your payment recipient gets when you pay them: the (optional) notification in their inbox that can arrive before the payment arrives.

👉 Before the payment arrives

You can notify your vendor before payment arrives

  1. Optional: once you schedule a payment, you can add your vendor's email address and have them notified once the payment is processed. To have them receive this email, just select the NOTIFY MY VENDOR at the end of the payment scheduling process.


If you choose to notify your vendor and enter their email, they'll receive an email that lets them know about the payment on the day it's processed with details about when and how to expect it. Here's an example of what that email looks like:


👉 How payments arrive

When you're paying for a bill with Melio you can have the payment delivered on your behalf as a bank deposit or paper check (regardless of whether you pay with a bank transfer, or credit card).

Delivered via Bank Transfer

  • When delivered by a bank transfer, the payment arrives to their bank account within 3 full business days, appearing as a transfer from your business's account. Payments over $100K require a fourth business day to arrive)

When paid this way, the transaction will appear as: Your Business Name melio CCD on their bank statement.

Delivered via Paper Check

  • When delivered by paper check, it'll arrive via mail within 7 business days. It's sent on your behalf, with your business's name printed on it. Here's an example of what the check looks like when it arrives:

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