Can I use Melio to automatically bill my clients?

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If you bill your clients weekly or monthly for your services, you can use Melio to do it automatically for free via ACH bank transfer. 

The entire process can be summed up in 3 steps:

  1. Go to your client’s Melio account. 
  2. Add your invoice as a recurring bill. 
  3. Schedule a recurring payment. 

Go to your client’s Melio account 

1. Sign in to Melio 

2. Make sure you’ve already added your clients to Melio.

3. Go to Clients in the left sidebar to view all your clients. 



4. Select the client you want to bill. 



Add your invoice as a recurring bill

After selecting a client you’ll get to their Pay inbox. Follow these steps:

1. Click + New payment



2. Add a bill manually or upload an invoice. 



3. Fill in the Vendor name with your firm’s name. 

4. Enter the bill amount.



5. Make this a recurring payment

    • Choose your payment frequency: Monthly or Weekly.
    • Specify the Number of payments.



6. Select the date you want the First payment to arrive.

7. Click Save and schedule a payment.



 Schedule the recurring payment  

1. Continue scheduling the payment as usual. 

2. This payment will now appear in the Scheduled tab in your client’s Pay inbox. 



NOTE: Why does my payment say PENDING? 

If your client has a payment approval workflow set up, the payment will be labeled PENDING until it’s approved.

That’s it! You can do this for each of your clients that you want to bill frequently. 





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