The different user roles in Melio

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With Melio’s user roles you can invite anyone from your organization to join your account, while still keeping control over each one's permissions.

This article briefly explains the different user types and their permissions. If you want to invite users, see how to manage your team.


The account’s Owner can invite Contributors or Accountants who can add and schedule payments that require approval. They can also invite Admins to manage the entire account and approve payments scheduled by Contributors and Accountants.


Melio offers four different user roles:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Accountant
  • Contributor


This role is automatically set to the creator of the Melio account. There can only be one owner role. If you’re set as the Owner, and would like to make someone else the Owner - you’ll have to define a new role for yourself: either Admin or Accountant.


The Admin role is similar to the Owner role, with two main differences:

  • An Admin can’t connect a QuickBooks account
  • An Admin can’t modify an Owner’s user role.


An accountant can schedule payments, add users and connect to the company's QuickBooks account. However, an Accountant can also have payment limits that require Admin approval. In addition, an Accountant doesn’t have the permission to approve payments of Contributors and other Accountants.


A Contributor can schedule payments and add vendors. They can be set to require payment approval from an Admin or Owner above a certain amount.


See a full breakdown of roles and permissions. 

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