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As your firm grows, add new members to your Melio account. You can assign team members to specific clients, and control their access to the firm’s bill payments.


This article will cover the following:


How to add a new team member

1. Sign in to your firm’s Melio account.

2. Click Team in the left sidebar.

3. Click + New member.



4. Fill in the new member details.

5. Decide if the new member will have full access to the firm’s Melio account. Check the box next to allow access.

6. You can assign clients to the new team member at this stage. Or, assign them later.

a. To assign now, click Continue to assign clients.

b. To assign later, click Invite only. They will get an email inviting them to your firm’s Melio account.




What’s now?

1. Your new team member is added to the firm’s Melio account. But with the label PENDING.



2. Once the new team member accepts the invitation, their name will appear like all the others. Now you can manage their permissions.



3. You will also get an email notifying you that they accepted the invitation.




What should the new member do?

1. Here’s what the invitation email sent to the new team member looks like:



2. The new team member needs to click Accept invitation to be added to your Melio account. 



3. After clicking Let’s go, your new team member will get into your account. 

NOTE: What does the new team member see?

They can only see and have access to the clients and actions you allowed them.



Who can add members to the firm’s team?

Only the firm’s owner and admins can add members to the team.




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