What vendors receive when you send a check

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With Melio you can pay your bills by bank transfer or credit card*, and have your vendors receive a paper check on your behalf (or an ACH bank transfer).


A paper check will arrive in the mail to the address you specified in approximately 7 business days. There is also a fast check option that is delivered within 3 business days (for a fixed $20 fee).


When the check has been deposited, you'll be notified by email.

Tip: Notify your vendor before the payment arrives

Let your vendor know that you made a check payment. Here are two ways to do it:

  • In the Leave a memo for your vendor section, after selecting the payment deduction date, enter your vendor’s email address in the specified field.
  • At the end of the bill payment process, click Notify my vendor and enter their email. 


Here's an example of the paper check your vendor will get:

melio.com check.jpg


Add a memo to the vendor to help reconcile your payment

We recommend leaving a memo for your vendor. It appears in the memo field on the check.

Note: What to put in the memo

Adding the invoice number is great for reconciliation. You can also add a description of the payment.

add a memo.png


Depositing checks

When vendors receive their checks they can deposit them at the bank, just like any other paper check. They can also use a bank's mobile deposit feature for an easier deposit.


Check expiration

All the checks have the inscription “Void after 90 days” printed on them. On the 91st day from the date of issue, the check will expire.


*Subject to card network limitations.


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