Paying vendors directly from Melio’s network when scheduling a payment

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Melio’s network is a fast-growing directory of national and local vendors– including telecommunication companies, financial institutions, utility services, food & beverage companies, and many more. 

Vendors in Melio’s network will appear with this verification badge next to their name, so you can quickly identify them:

How do I benefit as a payor?

  • Vendor discovery- Easily find and pay suppliers.
  • Pay quickly- No need to collect and save your vendor’s bank details. If they’re part of the network, you’ll pay them in a few simple steps.
  • Security- Pay through a network of verified suppliers, approved by Melio’s risk and compliance teams.

This article will cover how to pay vendors directly from Melio’s network when adding a bill and scheduling a payment. You can also do it when adding a vendor to your Contacts.

How to pay a vendor in Melio’s network when scheduling a payment

When you add or upload a bill, we’ll show you potential matches from Melio’s national and local suppliers network. Here’s how it looks:

1. Sign in to your Melio account.

2. Click Pay in the left sidebar.

3. Click on the + at the top right and then + New payment.




4. Add a bill manually or upload a bill.


NOTE: Syncing with QuickBooks Online
Currently, there isn’t a way to be matched with a verified network vendor when syncing your bills with QuickBooks Online.


Adding a bill manually

1. In Vendor name, start typing the name of the vendor you want to pay.



2. Choose the correct match from the dropdown list. Double-check the name and address information. 

NOTE: Local vendors vs. nationwide billers.
The payment process for local vendors is slightly different from nationwide billers.

Local vendors

You’ll see a contact card with the vendor’s details.

NOTE: What is a contact card?
The contact card shows that this local vendor is part of the network, and Melio has verified their details.

It includes: 

  • Vendor’s name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Vendor's chosen delivery method




Nationwide billers

For nationwide billers, such as utility companies, you’ll need to enter your unique account number.

Tip: You can find this number in the pay-to details on your bill.



3. Enter the remaining bill details, including:

  • Bill amount
  • Payment frequency
  • Due date



4. Click Save and schedule a payment to schedule and pay the bill. 



Uploading a bill

1. Upload or scan your bill.

2. The following bill details will automatically populate:

  • Bill amount
  • Bill number

NOTE: Find a vendor on the list when uploading a bill.

  • First time uploading a bill for this vendor? You’ll need to type in the vendor’s name and search it manually. Even though the field may be pre-populated.
  • The vendor is already saved in your contacts? Their name will automatically populate when you upload/scan the bill.

3. Make sure the details are correct and edit when needed.
4. Click Save and schedule a payment to schedule and pay the bill. 



5. Choose how you want to pay and click Continue.


NOTE: Setting the vendor’s delivery method.
Melio’s network vendors have already set their preferred delivery method. You, as a payor, can’t edit or change this.

6. Select when the payment will be deducted and click Continue.



7. Leave a memo for your vendor and click Continue. The default is the invoice number.



8. Review the payment details. Click Confirm and schedule payment to complete scheduling the payment. 



That’s it! A payment confirmation email will be sent to the verified vendor. 


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