Why has my vendor’s delivery method changed to single-use virtual card?

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You’re scheduling a payment to a vendor and see their delivery method is set to a single-use virtual card (SUVC). This article will explain what that means and why this happened.

The important thing to remember is that your vendor chose this as a delivery method and you as the customer can’t change it. 

What’s a single-use virtual card?

A single-use virtual card is a fast, secure, and efficient virtual credit card that has become a common payment method for vendors. 

The card is delivered via email and your vendor can ONLY process it with a credit card processing system (POS) or terminal, as they would with any other credit or debit card payment.

Why is my vendor being paid with single-use virtual cards?

Your vendor chose to receive payment via single-use virtual cards during a call with Melio’s team. Single-use virtual cards are only issued to vendors who signed up and agreed to receive them. 

They likely signed up to receive single-use virtual cards because they're faster and more secure. 

Does this affect how I pay?

No. This only affects how your vendor receives payment. You don’t need to take any action. If your vendor wants to receive payment a different way, they can contact support@melio.com 

If your vendor has more questions about single-use virtual cards, you can also send them this article


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