Can I make multiple payments to global and domestic vendors at the same time?

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You can pay multiple vendors at once, no matter where they are. This means you can pay the peach farmer in Florida and the maple syrup supplier in Canada, in one go. Here’s how:

1. Click Pay in the left sidebar.



2. Hover over one of the bills you’d like to pay until a box appears.



3. You can now select multiple bills.

4. Click Continue to scheduling (x).

TIP: Scroll to see a bill’s details
On the right side of the screen, you can scroll left or right to see each bill’s details. Check the details are correct before scheduling your payments.



5. You’ll see a table with all your payments.

Note: Bills to the same vendor

To combine payments to the same vendor, you can find Multiple payments to same vendor above your table. Toggle on Combine into one.



6. Make sure all of your bills’ details are correct and edit them if needed. Then click Schedule payments.

IMPORTANT: International payments are only available when paying via bank transfer or Mastercard credit card (2.9% fee). Make sure you select a bank account or Mastercard credit card as the payment method.

7. That’s it, your payment will be sent.



Can’t schedule your payment? Check the reason and how to solve it.

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