How to sync Melio and QuickBooks Online

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Syncing Melio with QuickBooks Online saves time by eliminating dual entry. Bills and vendor information will automatically appear in your Melio account. Sign up for Melio using your QuickBooks Online credentials to get started.

There’s no subscription fees when using Melio accounts payable solution to pay your bills, and you enjoy unlimited free ACH to ACH bank transfers. You can choose from a wide range of payment and delivery methods, including fast options.  

Once you send a payment through Melio, the status will be updated in your accounting software as well for seamless reconciliation.


Here’s how to sync Melio and QuickBooks Online: 

Before syncing, make sure that the company name and email address used for both Melio and QuickBooks Online match exactly.

New to Melio?

We recommend signing up with your Intuit credentials, and your QuickBooks data will sync automatically.

There are 3 ways to sync to QuickBooks Online: 

  1. During the Melio sign-up process.
  2. Through the Melio settings. 
  3. Connect Melio from the QuickBooks app store.

Syncing QuickBooks Online during the Melio sign-up process:

1. Choose Sign in with Intuit when signing up for Melio.



2. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.



3. Click Authorize to let Melio use your QuickBooks Online profile information.



4. Click Connect to continue.



5. That’s it! Click Add business details to finish setting up your Melio account. 



Syncing QuickBooks Online through the Melio settings:

If you’ve already signed up for Melio previously and want to sync to QuickBooks Online, do it in Settings

1. Sign in to Melio.

2. Go to Settings in the left sidebar. 

3. Then click Accounting Software Sync.



4. On the right, under Quickbooks Online, click Connect.



5. Click Connect to continue syncing Melio and QuickBooks.



6. In Settings, you’ll see that the sync was successful. You can also manually sync to get an up-to-date status of your payments.


Syncing Melio and QuickBooks from the Intuit app store

You can also sync QuickBooks and Melio through Intuit's QuickBooks app store.

1. Go to Intuit QuickBooks app store and find the Melio app. 

2. Click Get app now



3. Enter your Intuit credentials.

4. You’ll then be taken to Melio, where you can sign up. 


In addition to QuickBooks Online, Melio syncs with other versions of QuickBooks and Xero

Learn more about which data syncs to and from QuickBooks Online.  


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