What if my customer doesn't want to pay with a single-use virtual card?

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This article will provide you with the right response to a customer who's asking about payment methods.


Melio allows payors to pay any way they want, and payees to get paid the way they want. It's important to note that a single-use virtual card is a delivery method.

It is the way payees receive a payment (a single-use virtual card looks like a regular credit card and is processed the same way).

IMPORTANT: To process the single-use virtual card you must have a point-of-sale terminal.

Learn more about Melio’s single-use virtual cards

Currently, payors aren’t able to select a single-use virtual card as a payment method.

What does this mean for my customer?

This means that your customer cannot pay you with a single-use virtual card. This delivery method has zero effect on the way they’re making a payment with Melio.

Your customers can keep making payments the same way they did before. They can choose between Melio’s offered payment methods - ACH bank transfer, debit card, or credit card.

The only thing that has changed is the way you receive the payment from Melio.

Your customers will be informed that you are now accepting payments via single-use virtual card when scheduling their first payment after you opt in.

Here’s what your customer’s email looks like:


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