How do I pay a vendor with a single-use virtual card?

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When you think of paying your vendors with a single-use virtual card, it is important to remember that this is a delivery method.
IMPORTANT: To process the single-use virtual card the vendor must have a point-of-sale terminal.

Just like any other payment through Melio, both you and your vendor can choose your preferred method.

You choose how you want to pay, either with an ACH bank transfer, credit card, or debit card. And the vendor receives the payment the way they prefer. With a single-use virtual card, it is no different.

The only difference is that the vendor already decided to receive ALL their payments via a single-use virtual card.

Here’s how a vendor gets paid with a single-use virtual card: 

1. Start making a payment like you usually do. If this is your first time paying with Melio, read this article to learn how to schedule a payment.

2. Select your bank account as your payment method.

NOTE: The single-use virtual card is only available to the vendor when you're paying them via ACH bank transfer, debit card, or MasterCard credit card.



3. Choose when the payment will be deducted. Click Continue.



4. Leave your vendor a memo, if you want. The default is the invoice number taken from the bill.



5. Review and confirm your payment details. You’ll see under VENDOR RECEIVES the single-use virtual card issued by MasterCards.

When you hover over the little i icon, you’ll see a notice saying : This vendor has opted to receive payment by single-use card. 

Click Confirm and schedule payment.



6. That’s it. Your payment via a single-use card is ready.



You’ll get an email with the details of this payment. Your vendor will receive a similar email with the details of the single-use virtual card. Here’s what your email looks like:


Single-use virtual card in a batch payment

You can include a vendor who receives a single-use virtual card in a batch payment.

Making a batch payment is exactly the same as before. The only difference is that you do not select how the vendor receives your payment for a vendor who has opted for a single-use virtual card.

Here’s how a single-use virtual card appears in a batch payment:


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