How to import multiple invoices at once

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Before you can send payment requests to your customers, you’ll need to add the invoices with the payment details. Melio lets you add multiple invoices at once to save you time. 

All you need to do is upload a CSV file with all the invoice details. Here’s how:

1. Go to Get Paid in the left sidebar. 

2. Click +New invoice, or Add invoice if you don’t have any invoices currently uploaded.



3. Select Add invoices yourself. 



4. Select Upload a list of invoices



NOTE: Make sure the CSV spreadsheet has the following columns included. 

  • Company name
  • Amount
  • Invoice #
  • Due date 

5. Click Upload your .csv file, and select your document.



6. Click Continue to match the column names with the right invoice details. 



a. Select the column for the company name. Click Continue. 



b. Select the column for the amount. Click Continue. 



c. Select the column for the invoice number. Click Continue. 



d. Select the column for the due date. Click Continue. 



7. Review the details and then click Confirm and save.



That’s it! Now you can learn how to request payments for all your invoices at once in Get Paid



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