A change in how you pay using your American Express card

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An explanation of a change in how to pay via American Express and the list of permitted industries.


From November 22nd 2021, there is an important change in how Melio processes payments made with an American Express credit card. From this date, you’ll only be able to pay vendors from the American Express list of pre-approved industries:

  • Education

  • Government

  • Utilities

  • Membership Club

  • Professional Services

  • Business Services

  • Inventory/ Wholesale

  • Construction/ Logistics

A further breakdown of these industries can be found here.

How this change affects your payments

From November 22nd, you’ll be asked to choose your vendor’s industry when you pay with your American Express card. Note that you’ll only need to do this once per vendor, and you won’t need to choose your own industry

If your vendor's industry is not on the permitted industries list, you won’t be able to complete the payment with American Express. You can choose an alternative payment method - either a non-American Express card or bank transfer (ACH).

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