Exporting your payment history data

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What information is included when you export your payment report, and how to do it.

You can export a payment report in the form of a CSV file, which contains all the details of processed payments (scheduled, in progress, completed or failed) performed over a specific set of dates.


When you export a payment report, you’ll be provided with the following information:

Field Name

Description / Example

Melio payment ID

Unique payment identifier

Vendor name

Vendor name

Bill number

Vendor’s bill ID (as entered when bill was created)

Payment amount

The payment amount

Note to self

Any user-entered notes

Collection date

Date when the payment was first processed

Delivery date

For ACH payments - the date the payment was received by the vendor

For paper checks - the date the check was sent to the vendor

Payment method

Available options are ACH transfer, debit card or credit card

Delivery method

Available options are ACH and check

Check serial number

Relevant for payments made by paper checks

Check status

Relevant for payments made by paper check

Available options are: sent, delivered and deposited

Scheduled by

First and last name of the user who scheduled the payment

Approved by

First and last name of the user who approved the payment (for payments that require approval)

Memo to vendor

Notes left for the vendor

Payment status

Available options are:

In progress:

  • For payments delivered by ACH, money was collected but not yet delivered
  • For paper checks, the check was sent but has yet to be deposited


  • ACH was successfully delivered
  • Check was deposited
  • Funds delivered to the vendor’s debit card


We failed to collect or deliver


For failed payments, the failure reason

Associated fees amount

The total amount of associated fees (i.e. credit card or fast payment fees)


To export your payments report CSV:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click Company settings.



3. Under Payments report, click Create report.



4. Select a date range.


  1. Check the box if you want to include scheduled payments.
  2. The max range to choose from is 12 months in the past.
5. Click Export report.

And that’s it! Here's an example of what the report looks like.





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