How do I add or edit my vendor’s payment methods and details?

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Adding a new payment method or editing your vendor's payment information is super easy, see how


You can add payment method information or edit any of your vendors’ payment details - whether it’s an address for a paper check or ACH bank transfer information, at any time - right from the “Contact” section, where you can manage the information of vendors and customers.


1. Go to the contact management section, on the left of your screen, where you can see all your vendors:mceclip0.png


2. Select the vendor you’d like to add or edit the payment details for.

3. Under “Delivery methods” are two optional payment delivery methods. You will also see the option to "Ask vendor for payment details"

  • With “Bank transfer (ACH)” your vendor will have the funds deposited into their bank account.
  • With “Paper check”, your vendor will receive a paper check in the mail, sent to the address filled here.



4. When adding a new payment method: Click “Add method” in the delivery method you want to add. You’ll then be redirected to a payment details page. Fill in the relevant details, and hit “save”.


5. To edit the details of an existing payment method: Simply click the 3-dots button next to the existing method, to open the payment details page and edit the details:


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