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If you’re currently receiving payments from Melio via instant or fast delivery, it's easy to opt-out by contacting our support team. The Melio support team will make sure that you no longer automatically get instant or fast payments.

From this article, you’ll learn:

  1. The benefits of instant and fast Melio payments.
  2. How to opt-out by contacting our support team.

The benefits of instant and fast Melio payments

Here’s some great reasons to receive your payments from Melio using instant or fast delivery:

Quick & reliable 

Gain more control over your cash flow with automatic, hassle-free instant payments to your bank account, even on weekends and holidays.  Get fast payments the same or next day (depending on weekends and federal holidays).


Only a 1% fee for immediate or fast-tracked funds. 


Skip waiting for an estimated delivery date and get all your payments faster with just a few clicks or get them automatically when you opt-in to receiving all your Melio payments with an instant or fast transfer.


How to opt-out by contacting our support team

If you're currently receiving automated instant or fast Melio payments, then it's super easy to opt-out. Simply submit a request form to our dedicated support team. You can also find a link to the request form when your next automated instant or fast payment is on the way: Email.jpg

Here’s some tips to help you complete the form: Request form.jpg

  1. Add the Subject line: Request to change fast payments preference
  2. Under Let us know a bit about you
    • Choose I don’t have a Melio Account but I have received payments from someone using Melio.
    • If you're using the Get Paid experience, choose: I have a Melio account and I intend to/am making AND receiving payments.
  1. Add to the Description that you want to opt-out of fast or instant payments. In case you would like to stop receiving fast payments from a specific customer, please mention their company name.
  2. Click Submit.

Our customer support team will receive your request and get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Note: Receiving individual payments

After you opt-out, you will still be able to select the option to receive individual payments by fast or instant delivery if you choose.

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