Send instant payments to your vendors bank account

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If you want to ensure that your ACH or card payment gets to your vendor immediately, the quickest option is to send an instant transfer to their bank account (at a 1.5% fee). 

What do I need to know about instant transfer? 

  • Eligibility: Instant transfer is available based on your eligibility, and also whether your vendor's bank can receive instant transfers.
  • Fee: There’s a 1.5% fee, (max $50), which will be billed separately. If you pay by card, the instant transfer fee of 1.5% is added on top of the card processing fee of 2.9%. Learn more about Melio’s fees.
  • Availability: Monday to Friday, 2 am E.T until 7 pm E.T. The debit date of your payment must be set to the same day that you’re making the payment.
  • Amount: Available for payments up to $50K. 

How to make an instant payment

If your payment is eligible for an instant transfer, you’ll have the option to select it after choosing your debit date:

  1. Sign in to your Melio account.
  2. Create a bill to pay, select a saved bill, or pay without a bill.
  3. When asked how your vendor would like to receive the payment, select Bank transfer (ACH).
  4. Fill in the vendor’s routing number and bank account number. Click Save bank details.
  5. Select Instant transfer (at a 1.5% fee). Click Continue.

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6. (Optional) Leave a memo to your vendor and add an email address if needed. Click Continue.

NOTE: What to put in the memo?

The invoice number is set as the default. 

7. Carefully review the details in the Review & confirm page. Click Confirm and schedule to complete the payment.

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That’s it! The Melio team will send you an email summarizing the details of this payment.  Your vendor will also receive an email once the instant payment has been delivered successfully.

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