Receive instant payments to your bank account

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If you want immediate access to your funds, the quickest option is to receive an instant payment to your bank account (for a 1% fee). 

Note: Eligibility for instant payment

Instant payment is available based on the eligibility of each payment.

Why use this option?

  • Fast and reliable - Receive instant payment to your bank account within seconds.
  • Flexible - It works on weekends and holidays.
  • Cost-effective - Vendors pay a 1% fee.
  • Convenient- Get your payment faster with just a couple of clicks.

What do I need to know as a vendor? 

  • Only the vendor can select this option and pays the 1% fee.
  • The original delivery method must be ACH bank transfer.
  • Follow the steps and initiate the instant payment before the estimated ACH transfer delivery date.

How can I get paid instantly to my bank account?

When a customer pays through Melio, eligible vendors will receive an email to accept their payment with the option to get paid instantly. Vendors don’t need to have a Melio account to accept payment. Follow these steps to get paid instantly to your bank account:

1. Locate the email from Melio to accept your payment. The subject line is “Accept payment from [X Vendor] quicker.” The email includes the payment details including the amount, invoice number, and the estimated payment delivery date.

Get paid instantly email.jpg


2. Below Get this payment instantly, click Get paid instantly.

click get paid instantly .jpg


3. Click Confirm and accept.

Confirm and accept rtp.jpg


4. You’ll see confirmation that your instant payment has been sent. 

Payment accepted.jpg


That’s it! Your payment should arrive in your bank account in seconds.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Why was the amount deposited less than the payment I expected?

The 1% fee you pay to get your money instantly is taken from the payment total. So, the amount you receive will be less than your original invoice. 


You’ll get an email from Melio showing you the amount you received minus the 1% fee, for example:

Final email.jpg

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